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Get Angry along with the Birds

Last week while I was writing about the phenomena of the Angry Birds apps, I came across a very interesting bit of news on developer Rovio’s website.

“Get Angry — Fight Extinction”

“With bird species going extinct at an alarming rate, it’s time to get angry! Angry Birds has teamed up with Birdlife International to educate fans about endangered birds and what we can do to save them.”

It’s wonderful that those who can help save our worlds endangered bird species are doing so. It’s a shame that our worlds endangered species are.

Rovio has launched a new Angry Birds site to educate fans about endangered birds species and how to help, and in an effort to support BirdLife International.

See this page for more information: 

With 6.5 million downloads in December, here’s hoping that some of those happy users find their way to the donation page to help this wonderful cause.



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