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Welcome to another FRIDAY!




Jan 2012

If you are like most folks about this time of the year, you are probably getting your records together to prepare your tax returns.


This might also be a good time to review our electronic document storage as well. It might be a good time to look at the data you have stored on various medias and determind if it something that needs to be:

1) Retained in it’s present state. Media that it’s stored on is current technology.

2) Transfered to a newer type of media because that Zip cart is getting long pin the tooth



3) Destroyed or wiped because it’s no longer needed.




This is a sure way to keep the clutter down to a minimum and it’s easier to keep track of less media.


Also this is a good time to TEST THAT BACKUP to see if you can really restore the information contained within. Remember, “A backup you can’t restore is not a backup.”

Perhaps this is a good time to scan those records and store them electronically.

Make this years resolution to keep those backups up to date.


Musical Selection

Just feeling whimsical this weeks music selection has no meaning whatsoever.I just heard some of her music from 1989 and decided it was my choice of the week.




Radio Days


We will be doing the “Internet Advisor Show” this weekend but you’ll have to catch it on the podcast from the Internet Advisor site. There is also other good things you may want to explore on the site as well.


Have a GREAT week!

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