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It behooves you to audit your monthly utility bills.

The New Year is here and you probably want to get tuned in to your spending for the year.

Things change fast and often with utilities now; about every six months with some providers.
You never know when ‘creep’ will enter into it. By that I mean things that you didn’t expect.

When television went totally digital, we were told that if we had cable service, we wouldn’t need the new digital converter boxes.

Then shortly thereafter, cable providers said, things are changing and you will need converters on all your sets to continue to receive service.

When I noticed that I wasn’t receiving all the service I was paying for with the new little digital converter boxes, I was given a different service.

When the tech didn’t have the correct converter box unit with him, he substituted it out for a different one (more featured unit) but disabled the extra features. Reassuring me that there would be no cost for this new unit, because there wasn’t a cost for the one he was supposed to but didn’t have.

Recently, I noticed that my cable bill increased. On a call to the rep, I was told that I was being charged for any additional cable box that used a silver remote. (I kid you not.) So, I was now being changed for this substituted unit, that was supposed to be free with my cable service.

Eventually, (with another rep) it was resolved that the unit that the tech had given me would be replaced and as a one-time courtesy, the charges for that unit would be refunded. This is the kind of ‘creep’ I dislike.

Though, the call did end very positively. This rep and I had a pleasant conversation and I was happy with the end results. Just as a ritual, I audit my utilities on a regular basis, to see what could change for the better or remove what I no longer need.


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