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Welcome to another, but bitterly cold, at least here ……






No ice needed for that drink dear, just sit it out on the veranda and the temps outside will chill it for you.


It’s cold outside. “How cold is it?” —– imagine the audience and I am Johnny Carson — “It’s so cold, I saw a mans teeth chattering and they were still in the glass by his bed”


It’s cold outside. “How cold is it?” —– imagine the audience and I am Johnny Carson again — “It’s so cold, I saw a dog stuck to a fire hydrant”


Okay enough of that. Let deal with data preservation more commonly known as BACKUP.

Let just take a short time out to remind you that if you are diligent enough to remember to backup on a regular basis, are you also remembering to store that backup in an offsite location, away from the computer you backed up?


Many of you may say, “Calvin, where should I store that backup?” The answer is simpler than we think.

Just find a place that you consider secure and safe to store your backup.

That could be the following suggestions

1) A trusted friend or neighbor’s home.

2) Safe Deposit Box at your bank.

3) Locked desk at work.

4) An Online backup service.

5) On a USB Flashdrive on your key chain if you don’t have that much data to back up.

I am sure you might have some places of your own in mind. The important thing is to DO IT!

Musical Selection for Treble Clef detection

Jack just inspires me sometime to really go for the flashback


Radio Days

Make sure that you tune in this weekend 1/21/2012 to the InternetAdvisor show on 760 WJR. We will be coming to you Live and in living color, well the color of your radio. Also we also always have out Podcasts available for download at . Tune in, for great  conversation about all things Internet and technical. It’s a great geek-a-rama with Gary, Foster, Ed and your’s truly.


C Ya!

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One Response to Lock it away …..

  1. Jennell Ziller says:

    Actually there is another alternative. Get a refund. That’s what I did. I was so pissed off that these guys failed to give a heads up to Mac users when they must have known that there product didn’t work with Lion that I emailed and demanded a refund. I had to go through a couple of “you agreed to this and that” emails back from them but after pressing the issue I was given a full refund on my subscription. I moved to Crashplan and so far I’m very happy. With Carbonite my initial backup took more than a month for 100GB of data. That sucked considering that I have 30/30 fiber optic connection. Carbonite didn’t give me the ability to take advantage of that huge bandwidth. Crashplan, on the other hand, lets me take advantage of my fast connection by giving me the option to set my own limit of how much bandwidth it can use. I’m able to backup 170GB with them in less than a week. Plus, Crashplan isn’t nearly as big a memory hog as Carbonite is.