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I have a technology blog at and while I do review Apple gadgets from time to time, I mostly concentrate on gadgets in general, Adobe products and photography stuff. I was quite surprised today when I happened to look at my stats and to see that for the past 30 days my site had been visited by iPhones more than any other OS including Windows PCs and Macs. It also points to a growing trend of using mobile devices instead of traditional desktop/laptop computers. Over the holidays two of my friends and one of my relatives got either iPhones or iPads as gifts. To date these devices are their only connection to the internet. In other countries many people are connecting to the internet for the first time using their phones.

If you’re designing a website you should really keep these stats in mind and know that your site should be setup to look good on both desktop/laptop computers as well as small screens such as smartphones.

The stat program I use is called Analytics App. You can get it here for iPhone/iPod touch iTunes
and here for iPad Analytics HD - Inblosam LLC.

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