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Have absolutely nothing this week. Rather than rehashing something I’ve already covered, I’ll just share a 30th Anniversary video from The Capitol Steps, one of my favorite comedy groups. If you’ve never heard them, check out their website. Political humor/satire at its best. No one is spared.


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One Response to It’s One of Those Weeks

  1. Phyl – Friends in Ann Arbor took us to their July 4th show 2 or 3 years ago. Apparently they’re regulars in AA for the 4th, and VERY popular. Very clever people. We all sure need some “comic relief” when politics and government get VERY SERIOUS. Of course it’s all important, but we need to be able to laugh at things to keep perspective sometimes.
    – I can’t imagine you, of all people, not having “something to say” for a week! – and willing to admit it.
    Thanks as always, Mary Jo