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Find My Mac…?

My local news ran a story the evening past of a local resident whose iPhone was stolen, but fortunately retrieved because the owner had enabled “Find My iPhone.” During the retrieval process, the owner was able to give police directions as the location of the iPhone changed and finally the law enforcement officer was able to pinpoint the corner of the thief’s house in which the iPhone was hidden.

The law enforcement representative was visibly in awe as he related the story to the news reporter.

I smiled thinking, “Yeah, I got that, too.”
Then I thought, there’s been a few equipment changes lately, I’d better make sure that all is turned on and working.

First the iPad, check. Then the new iPhone. Oops, Find my iPhone wasn’t turned on. I’ve only had it a week, but that’s no excuse. Check. Then on to my laptop. I’d converted over to iCloud, Lion OS was installed, but here in the Preferences, I could not select “Find My Mac.” The iCloud panel was indicating “Recovery partition required.”

Doesn’t Lion OS automatically create a recovery partition on your existing hard drive during installation? Yes, it does. Where was mine? Well, it was there. But recently my drive was replaced and restoring from Time Machine restores the contents of my former drive, but does not restore the separate Recovery HD partition.

So, after spending time searching online for how to get my Recovery partition back on my hard drive, the answer was thus: Reinstall the full OS X Lion software download. While that may sound painful, it actually wasn’t. This solution just took a little time.

  • I initially tried the 10.7.2 Combo Update. Didn’t work.
  • I was concerned about whether the new download would be the original 10.7 or the latest 10.7.2. It was the latter.
  • I was also concerned if any settings would be altered. So far my experience has been as if nothing had changed other than reinstalling Java for Photoshop to run. I was given the alert when I launched Photoshop, it was automatic install.

“Find My Mac” setting now available to me.

Now, I’d already purchased Lion from the App Store and created a USB startup thumb drive months ago. How do you download it again when the button reads INSTALLED?

To download it again:

  • Sign in to your account
  • Hold the Option key as you select PURCHASES
  • The resulting screen will allows you do INSTALL again.

After the download was finished I immediately created a new USB startup thumb drive before I started the installation process. I wanted to have the latest version on the thumb drive and for “just in case.”

After the installation was complete and computer restarted, I launched System Preferences, selected iCloud and was now able to check on “Find my Mac” and went through the motions to make sure I could.

So, thanks to the news report of the stolen and found iPhone, I was serendipitously directed to make sure my iDevices were covered in the “Find My” department.



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