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One of the guys at work decided he wanted a Mac Mini, and being the resident Mac expert, he asked me if I’d help him get a monitor and set it up for him. So I started looking around at monitors – the one he really wanted was the one on my desk, but HP had discontinued it.

We finally found a monitor he liked from HP in his price range, a 2509p. Looked nice, big 25″ screen, 1080p with HDMI input, built-in speakers – everything he wanted. It even had a built-in webcam, which he thought was great. (Yes, the Apple monitor has all those things – other than HDMI, but it has Thunderbolt – but it also costs 5 times as much as this monitor; he wasn’t looking for anything that high resolution or that expensive.)

So I started looking over the HP support web pages, checking to see if a special driver was needed for the webcam. There were plenty of drivers listed, but all for various versions of Windows only. Then I hit on this, which quite frankly floored me:

HP monitors are not supported in a Mac environment.

Say what? Are you kidding me? I could see if they said “sorry, no webcam drivers for that monitor.” But a blanket statement like that? Seriously? C’mon, HP, we’re talking about monitors, not some specialzed ¬†internal card!

So I told my co-worker that there was a possibility we wouldn’t be able to make the webcam work. He was willing to take a chance, saying we’d send it back if it didn’t. I was hopeful it would work, but I was a bit worried because of the need for drivers in Windows 7. I could see XP or Vista not having them, but Win 7 seems pretty complete.

Everything showed up and I put the system together. Lo and behold, while doing the initial setup, it asked if he wanted to take his picture – and there was a nice live shot from the webcam! Everything worked just fine out of the box, no drivers required.

So if you’re looking for a monitor – and 1080p is high enough res for you – you could do worse than this “unsupported” HP 2509p.


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2 Responses to I Can’t Explain

  1. Dave McGuire says:

    I think that what HP meant was that they do NOT support Technical issues with the Mac environment and their monitors. As you found out, this should be truly plug and play.

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