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There are iPhone/iPad apps that I have used once and decided they weren’t for me. There are apps that I have used a few times and then found something better. But there is one app that I’ve never been able to use fully, and can’t use because in its present form it is still unusable to most.

Every once in a while I launch it to see where it is in its developement, and to read the scathing criticisms on it. That app is WatchESPN.

I was thrilled when I heard this app was coming out.

I regularly watch tennis matches on my laptop on (was ESPN36, then ESPN3, now)  ESPN.GO.COM and thought, “Great, I’ll be able to pull up matches while my iPad and I are out and about.”Well, not so fast.” That online formatting is presently not compatible with iPad.

So, when I heard that an ESPN sports app was coming out, that would provide realtime or replay TV network sport programs, I was joyful. “Well, not so fast.” When I launched the app after download I was more disappointed than if the app didn’t work at all.

No major service providers supported this app. I think at that initial time of download, there was one provider. Bright House. Since then, every time I check back after an update is announced of the app, I look at the service providers. Present are Time Warner, Verizon Broadband, Verizon FIOS TV, but still no Comcast, no AT&T. Rendering this app useless for millions.

Though, to its credit, the app does display nice looping images, static images.

Only time will tell what the holdup is and when this app will work for the rest of us. Much like HBOGo, ABC Player, and PBS, I’d love for this app to just work.

I also recently came across a really interesting read that kind of makes your head spin:
Time Warner Cable, Comcast and the End of TV as We Know It



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