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It’s another Friday!



I have an associate at work who has a MacBook Pro. His MacBook was running out of disk space and he needed more. he asked what needed to be done to upgrade the hard drive in his MacBook. He asked me what was the best way to do it. These are the steps that I suggested and he then followed.


1) Order the appropriate size hard drive you need. he went with a 1 terrabyte internal hard drive. he bought it from OWC because the upgrade drive kit came with an external USB enclosure for the drive. This came in very handy as you’ll see.


2) Download a copy of the software “Super Duper” from Shirtpocket software to his existing MacBook internal hard drive “Macintosh HD”. Installed the “Super Duper” application into the Applications folder on the internal MacBook hard drive.


3) Once the drive kit arrived, we installed the 1 terrabyte drive in the external USB enclosure.


4) Connected the USB external drive to the MacBook and started up “Disk Utility” application that is in the “Utilities” folder of MacOS X. Used Disk Utility to format the external USB drive in “Mac OS Extended Journal” format. Once completed, Named the drive “1 Terra”.


5) Started the “Super Duper” program. Took the defaults in the program and copied/cloned the entire contents of the internal Macintosh HD hard drive to the external “1Terra” hard drive. Run the application till it was completed successfully.


6) Rebooted the MacBook with the external USB hard drive still connected and holding down the “Option” key. Selected the “1Terra” external hard drive as the startup disk and booted the MacBook with this drive. After it booted, the MacBook was checked to see that it was working just like it was with the internal drive. It worked just fine. Shut down the MacBook.


7) Flipped over the MacBook, removed the cover, followed the instructions and removed the internal hard drive from the computer (OWC provided a tool kit and instructions on how to remove the drive. Removed the drive from the external USB enclosure (1Terra) and installed that drive into the MacBook and re-assembled the MacBook. Installed the former internal drive (Macintosh HD) into the USB external enclosure.


8) Booted the MacBook with the USB drive attached and selected the external USB drive as my startup disk. Made sure that the MacBook worked as before with the external USB drive. Shutdown the MacBook. Disconnected the USB external drive.


9) Booted up the MacBook as normal. He now has a 1 terrabyte hard drive in his MacBook instead of just a 350 gigabyte hard drive.


Advised him to keep aside the external hard drive and don’t use it for about a month or two to assure that the new drive is working without problem. If there was a problem, he could easily switch back to the old hard drive with a connect of the USB cable and a reboot.


Ahhhhhh. Backup done & nirvana!



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Radio Days



Make sure that you tune in for this weeks installment of “The Internet Advisor” on 760 AM WJR. This Saturday 2/18/2012 I will be there with Foster, Ed and Gary to share all things Internet and Technology. Fire up the radio at 3:00 PM and keep it on till 6:00 PM.




Make next week as GREAT as YOU can! – C Ya!


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4 Responses to Backup is one way to Nirvana …

  1. Terrific! BUT now he has to be able to backup 1 Tb! (Sigh!)
    – Maybe should have also purchased an additional external 1Tb or larger (??)

    • Calvin says:

      Mary Jo,

      Your keen sense of insight is spot on. However he does have a larger Time Capsule to take care of backing up the MacBook. But the future will hold for a larger drive.

      • Calvin – I didn’t mean that my comments should ever put a damper on folks getting as large a drive as they wish. Heaven only knows how much more space is needed just to install ever-developing software. Just “thinking out loud” about one reason I’ve held out on getting a huge drive.
        – MacGroup is one fortunate organization to have support from you and the other ultra-experienced & professional people. Thanks a bunch!

  2. Excellent and useful article!