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I stumbled on a great little free app the other day (thanks to Daring Fireball – if you don’t read it regularly, you should). It’s called Scorekeeper XL. This app is for scoring games – board games, card games, darts, whatever. It has a very simple, clever interface. Rather than try to explain it, just watch the video:


That video is from the Playbook version, but it looks and works exactly the same on an iPhone or an iPad. The UI is extremely responsive, and it looks great. It work well, too, just like in the video.

The only thing I’d like to see changed is an ability to put in larger numbers without holding down the button. It’s like fighting with a digital alarm clock” “Oops! too far! Back up, right there..argh! It suddenly sped up!”

But really, for free? If you need a little generic scoring app, it’s great.


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