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Good Friday to Ya!


She’s been working hard and ready for the Weekend.



“Up the Wahzoo”


I have heard this term many times before. If you are like me you are saying to yourself –


“What is a Wahzoo? And. Why do people put things up in it?”


I bring this up because folks always say that things are up the wahzoo or even coming out the wahzoo  when you have a lot of anything.


I was looking around my office and I realize that I have a lot of backups. A lot of backups on tape. Yep backups ……. up/out the wahzoo.


I probably do things a little different from most that do backups because I use tape. So that requires me to have a lot of tapes around. Now they are cataloged in the backup programs that I use, but I need to create a paper catalog as well so that I can check my groupings of tapes in a physical way as well.


I use a simple system of an Excel spreadsheet to track my tapes. Using a spreadsheet program gives me the ability to be able to sort that tapes in many different catagories in case I need to group tapes for one reason or another.


It’s also very helpful for backup rotations. Oh yes, you should rotate your backups as well. That way you can fall back on previous versions. For example, if there was a change that took place in you Mac OS and it your system starts to act funny, you could go back to a previous backup and restore your system back and then add in the changes one at a time to find out which change created the problem. That is why you need to keep track of your rotated backups or any backup as well. Most good backup programs will have a database with tracking of your backups date, time and other variables.


This type of backups is more advanced type of back up and most of us just use a simple Super Duper (clone) backup or Time Machine (built in to Mac OS X). The good thing about Time Machine is that it keeps track of things automatically for you.


Bottom line is what ever you do, just make sure to keep those backups regular and stored in a secure place.



Musical Selection or Entertainment Section

Though about the whazoo and this came to mind.



Radio Days


Turn your radio on for this weeks installment of “The Internet Advisor” on 760 AM WJR. This Saturday 3/3/2012 I will be there with Foster, Ed and Gary to share all things Internet and Technology. And Hay…. as in Emily Hay. She can answer your “Social Media” questions if you have any. Fire up the radio at 4:00 PM and keep it on till 6:00 PM.


Where ever you are Debra ………. C Ya!

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