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I’ve written about the Comixology app before . The article talks about the Marvel Comics app, which is basically a branded version of Comixology, as I noted. There are other comic iOS apps, but this remains my favorite. One of the others I used, from IDW, actually switched from their own app to a branded version the Comixology app. To their credit, they allowed you to sign in and move your previously-bought comics to the main Comixology program.

The point of this post – after buying comics almost all my life, and from a single-wholesaler for over 20 years, I’ve gone all digital. I’ve cancelled all my paper subs. I’ve even dropped a few comics that aren’t available digitally. The electronic versions are just way too convenient for me to keep piling up comics. I did donate some to schools, but some of the comics aren’t appropriate for young kids, so I hang on to those. I suppose that the only real downside is that those kids won’t be getting my older comics. But then, neither will a landfill.

I find the reading experience to actually be better in the electronic versions. One of the features of the app is the ability to go panel by panel. This keeps me focused on the story and not accidentally seeing something too far ahead just because it’s on the same page. But I still get the splash pages – on those pages, after going through the dialog, the view goes full-page before moving on to the next panel. And I always have the option to back the view out to full page view if I want.

So for me, no more paper comics. I don’t expect them to go away any time soon, but I expect them to trail off over the next few years.


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