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With over 30 million views and even input from Dr. Phil…

The video of the Dad shooting up his daughters laptop certainly got attention. They even made it to the Today Show, Wednesday, March 7th. Before that, there was another video, this time as a rebuttal to Dr. Phil, who chimed in about the laptop video.

Father Tommy Jordan and daughter Hanna Marie have made up. She’s still grounded and won’t have a laptop, though dad did remove the hard drive before shooting it. He gave it to Hanna on the show, but he stands by his actions and it seems that 73% of responders stand behind him.

On the show, Tommy responded to criticisms that he ‘shouldn’t have gone down to that level or have humiliated Hanna publicly.’ His response? “We tried everything, talking, grounding, being adult and it wasn’t until I got down to her level did she finally get it.” Hanna, says that yes, she finally got it.

By going on the show, Tommy and his wife also wanted to show that other than this bad judgement, Hanna is a wonderful person and a honor student in school. And one reason for that is parenting. Not befriending your child, but parenting your child. Hanna has written an apology.

There’s more to the interview, so if you get a chance, go to the Today Show website to find out the initial for grounding Hanna’s use of her laptop in the first place. Tommy Jordan also wants to start a movement to re-empower parents “to raise their children how they see fit.” To keep the DSS out of your home and your business. With that said, he’s not talking about children who are abused, so please don’t go off on a rant here. He’s talking about some of the downright silliness and lack of common-sense scenarios that have led to parents being afraid to parent while kids put the DSS phone number on speed dial when they don’t get their way.

I’m sure that this certainly won’t be the end of this story….


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3 Responses to Laptop Shooting Dad and his Teen

  1. He didn’t try everything. He didn’t simply (duh) TAKE AWAY HER COMPUTER, which would have had essentially the same effect. He destroyed a computer for which he paid several hundred dollars and will make her work to pay for another one. Since computers are essential for schoolwork nowadays, her grades will probably suffer. To me, he still comes across as a trigger-happy, overly-dramatic person (also a hard-working, concerned father) who chose a bad solution to a difficult problem. Since neighbors called the police, I’m sure they weren’t too happy with his irresponsible gunplay (bullets can ricochet and kill people).
    (In fairness, I didn’t see the interview for his side of the story.)

  2. Chita Hunter says:

    Gordon, if you didn’t see the video then you definitely shouldn’t have made THIS response. 😉

  3. You’re right; I should have watched the video first before replying.

    I have now watched the video and offer only one criticism based on relevant personal experience.

    I have undergone military weapons training on the M1911 Cal. .45 Browning Pistol; the Carbine, Cal. .30, M1; and the M3 Cal. .45 Submachine Gun. My instructors were WW2 combat veterans many of whom had been wounded. I qualified as Marksman or better on all three weapons and fired several hundred rounds with each. I was told only to fire my weapon at a target on a firing range or at someone I intended to kill. No exceptions. The weapon was never to be fired into the air or into the ground. This is basic gun safety and common sense. Additionally, I have worked in a hospital and have seen firsthand the horrible damage a bullet inflicts on human flesh. I thus feel qualified to comment on Mr. Jordan’s conduct.

    First of all Mr. Jordan clearly fired at an angle. If there had been a rock beneath the laptop, the bullet could have ricocheted. When a bullet ricochets, it becomes deformed and tumbles. It is capable of killing a person up to a half-mile away and causing a large, bloody wound. Mr. Jordan fired, I believe, eight rounds, each of which could have killed someone. Either Mr. Jordan was completely ignorant of basic gun safety or his anger overrode his better judgement. I therefore think his conduct was stupid, irresponsible and dangerous. That he should be admired as some sort of role model or folk-hero is utterly ridiculous.

    For what it’s worth, Matt Lauer disagreed with Jordan’s actions.