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It has been a while since I shared any of my favorite iPad apps, but I have one utility-type app that I seem to use frequently. Posted. It’s a simple, inexpensive ($1.99) app that has one use only — delivery tracking. (They have a free version that you can try first.) Whether you are sending or receiving a package or envelope via UPS, DHL, FedEx or Priority Mail (and a bunch of others), if it has a tracking number, this is what you want. Last Friday I packed my old Kindle into a Priority Mailing box and sent it off to my sister in Arizona. From the time it left our local Post Office branch until it was delivered at 4:03 PM this afternoon, I was able to keep track of where it was. Whenever the tracking label was scanned, Posted kept me notified of its location. I have it on both my iPad and my iPod touch. Enter the tracking information on one and it automatically syncs with the other.

In transit deliveries are shown with a gray background, delivered on green with a big check mark. Adding an entry is as simple as hitting the + button at the bottom, then fill in the tracking number and give it an identifier. Simple.

The screen for an individual item shows all tracking data, plus gives you a link to the company tracking website and a map with the rough location. That’s it. Simple to use. Give it a try.

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