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I know it’s been a while but she is back because ……..




F R I D A Y !!!!


I missed writing this blog. It’s one of my pleasures in life sharing my insights and thoughts on backing up and preserving yours and my data. It’s crucial and important to take care of this function that is needed for peace of mind with your computer. That issue is paramount for me.

There are others that write blogs that travel from technical to social. I participated in a dialog in a social blog and because it’s hard to convey feelings in text, I was misinterpreted and because ¬†of thatI have decided to refrain from social commentary and stay with only technical blogs after this blog is completed.

Without picking any one issue, in the past week there have been a lot going on in the news that has been quite controversial. Perhaps rather than having to be the first to Tweet or post to Facebook something that is not accurate, or feelings based on hearsay, perhaps we should use BACKUP for a second and get the correct info before reacting. I am just tired of the obsession to be the first to Tweet, Post, or report a story without being clear on facts.



Pay me now or pay me later

In the past month I have assisted a few folks with data problems on their computers. In most cases, they did not have an adequate backup. So far I have been able to recover the data for the user, however, it cost a price to get this data back. A price that is more costly then the cost to buy and use backup devices. So the choice is yours. Backup now and save your data and your money. Or have data possibly recovered and pay a higher price later.


Entertainment Selection

Brent Spiner is so good at doing this. Check it out.




Radio Days



Please join us this Saturday on 760 AM WJR between 3-6 PM for the “Internet Advisor” for all things tech and internet. Tune in to Foster,Gary,Ed, and I. We would love to have you and look forward to you listening.




C ya!

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One Response to Maybe we should just backup

  1. Phyllis Evans says:

    A simple Time Machine backup saved one of my clients from a major headache (and wallet damage) week before last. The drive in her 5 year old iMac died without warning. We opted to upgrade her to a newer, faster iMac, and with the Time Machine backup she was back up and running 2 hours after we started the transfer of data to the new machine.