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Salman Khan is on a mission to educate the world.

The one-size-fits-all is a model in education that never worked. Learning is at different paces. Comprehension may take a few examples, not just one. And if you don’t get what’s being taught, that gap may never get filled, as the instructor keeps moving to the next topic and leaves that area behind.

Learning should be inspiring, exciting and fun, otherwise you don’t learn much.

Salman Khan’s notion that education should actually be education, and should be free, has taken a next step.┬áIf you’ve ever seen any of the thousands of videos available at, and you own an iPad, you will want to download the new free Khan Academy app.

The videos have a very entertaining delivery of information and graphics that keep you interested in the subject matter. Khan felt that videos help take away anxiety and allow you to learn at your pace in a more relaxed enviroment. Not to mention allow you to review areas over and over if needed.

The subject matter on the Khan Academy site is vast and interesting, and there’s something for all ages.

For more info see here: Khan Academy app


To my friend Mary Grey: I will miss that “Hiya Babe” every time I saw her, but still hear it. I will miss the “Sorry to bother you” phone call, that really wasn’t a bother at all. I’ll remember her fiesty personality, and absolute-graceful resolve.

(Mary would know exactly what that means.)

Love you much Mary.

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3 Responses to On a Mission

  1. Kent Voigt says:

    Thank you, Chita, for bringing our attention to this latest incarnation of technology in education. I spent 34 years trying to humanize learning through technology and other methods. I worked on projects similar to what Khan is doing using then available technology (multimillion dollar computers) which, of course, limited our exciting results to lab experiments. Now reduced cost technologies in the hands of bright innovators are making it possible to implement the changes for which many of us have been yearning. My hat is off to Khan and his cohorts. I am once again excited about education and its ability to empower people to effectively address our global and stellar challenges.

  2. KhanAcademy was featured on a 60 minutes piece quite recently. VERY interesting. Bill Gates used it for his own children, then approached Khan for discussions. In order to keep it free, and to expand staff, Gates is backing it financially. Lots of information floats around the internet, so it’s wise to be sure the “teachers” are qualified. In this case, Khan’s credentials are exemplary, so it’s a trustworthy resource. It started because he posted some Youtube videos to help a niece for whom math was a challenge. Khan has a gift for teaching, and the whole project has mushroomed. At least one school in CA is experimenting with using these videos in the classroom, with teachers mentoring students still needing support. Kudos to Khan!

  3. Thanks for helping to publicize the Khan Academy and for your loving tribute to Mary Grey.