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Wirelessly Share Content—Securely

CloudFTP is a pocketsize device that, like your Apple computer with AirDrop, creates it’s own WiFi network. So you can take this device with you, anywhere.

Connect an external USB device to CloudFTP and your other WiFi enabled devices, such as your iPad, iPhone, computer, will be able to connect to that external device, wirelessly. Yet, another way to stream movies and photos to your iDevices without having to copy them over. If capable, on the WiFi devices, you may also be able to open and even manage files on that external device.

I’m not sure if the dedicated app for iOS and Android has been completed, but you presently access the features through a web browser.

CloudFTP is a great invention that was funded by Kickstarter. A wonderful micro-loan site, visit to see some great and wacky concepts that may or not have made it off the ground.

Learn more about CloudFTP here: Kickstarter—CloudFTP



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