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The MacGroup Detroit meeting on April 22nd covered the latest iPad and Apple TV. As usual, there wasn’t enough time to cover everything and the Genius Table was handed a question after the meeting ended. “Can you wirelessly stream photos from an iPad to an Apple TV without going through a computer.”

The simple answer was to forget wifi and just use a cable to connect the iPad to the TV, but our questioner didn’t want wired. He wanted to be able to sit across the room with his iPad to control what was shown. He was thinking in terms of showing off photos at family gatherings. Have Apple TV — Will Travel. Yep. Beats passing around that expensive iPad for fumble-fingered Cousin Louie to drop and break. I’ve never done it before but decided I could do a bit of homework on this one, and as it turns out, there are a couple of ways to do this.

The first is AirPlay. Now, AirPlay is easy with audio and video files. That lovely little AirPlay symbol shows up nicely when there is an Apple TV on your network. Can’t tell you how many times I accidentally turned on my daughter’s Apple TV using my iPod touch late at night. Trying to find it in the iPad Photos app is another story.

  1. Open Photos and select the album.
  2. Select Slideshow.
  3. Select Start Slideshow.
  4. Click on the AirPlay icon and select Apple TV.

Must be an easier way. Enter iCloud Photo Stream. Photo Stream was an all-or-nothing things when first introduced, but Apple has improved it tremendously. I have it set so that any photos I take with my iPod touch and any screen captures I grab on the touch or my iPad (1st gen, no camera) go automatically to Photo Stream. iPhoto on my iMac is set to automatically download anything added to Photo Stream, but not automatically upload new additions. I add a bunch of things to iPhoto that I don’t need anywhere else, but I need those screen captures to illustrate articles. If I do have photos that I’d like to add, I select the photo, go down to share, and then click on Photo Stream. Easy.

Once the photos you want to share are in Photo Stream, just go to the home page on Apple TV, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Photo Stream. That’s it. Now, if you want to do this using someone else’s Apple TV, be aware that you will have to change the Apple ID & password. And when you are finished — remember to restore the original ID and password.

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