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A Better Typing Experience on the iPad?

I am aware that the intent of the iPad is that it be a self-contained device. And more times than not, I use it that way. No stylus, your finger is supposed to do. No external keyboard, the one that pops up at the bottom of the screen should suffice. But, at times, those devices are needed.

So, I have the Apple wireless keyboard and a Dagi stylus that travel around with me along with my iPad. Before I got this external wireless keyboard, I looked at lots of keyboards. Some were mounted into leather cases. Aside from adding extra bulk and weight to the iPad, the keyboards seemed to make you hold your hands in awkwardly-tight positions. They were noticeably smaller.

I like my Apple wireless keyboard, but sometimes, I wish it could fold it into my iPad when I’m on the go with it, keeping everything compact and together. Seems like someone was listening to my thoughts.

One of my favorite sites to check out, Kickstarter, recently posted a new item that is trying to get funding.

The “Brydge.”

The Brydge is a full-sized bluetooth-enabled keyboard, with hotkeys for iPad functions, a speaker, with clamp/hinge to attach an iPad, allowing it to open, tilt and fold closed.

To see more about Brydge and on

As long as I have to flexibility to detach the keyboard and still have it function in the same manner, I think my present keyboard might be replaced in the near future.



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