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You might recall when I accidentally tested the durability of my iPad, which led me to dump Apple’s Smart Cover for a new cover from Mophie. That cover was OK, but it had one big problem – the band used to hold the cover shut connects to the bottom of the case by hooking through a loop. The problem is that the hook is constantly slipping out, and it’s a pin to get back in.

So when I picked up my new iPad, I passed the case along, with the old one and went shopping for another. I finally decided on this one from Belkin. Instead of the strap, this one has a magnetic flap.

Otherwise, it’s pretty similar. The magnets don’t always seem to line up like they always did with the Mophie, but the clasp is much less of a hassle than the clasp.

So if you’re in the market for a new cover, this is one I recommend. It’s $49.95, so not cheap but not really expensive, either.


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  • JoAnn Rowland

    Does the magnetic cover affect the battery life? I’ve stopped using covers with magnetic closures because I have found that it drains the battery of my electronics. I’ve tried putting a barrier between the battery and the magnet, but I found my only option was not to use the cover with the magnetic closure.

    • Not that I’ve seen. I’ve been using magnetic covers since I got my iPad2. Remember, it’s designed for the magnets to wake the device. The magnets aren’t usually strong enough to even hold the cover closed by themselves.

  • Phyllis Evans

    I ended up buying a version of this case for my Nook Tablet. Very well made. Haven’t tried dropping it to see how well it protects it, but by the looks of it, I don’t think I’d end up with any dings. It also doesn’t add a lot of bulk, like some other cases.

  • Users with tight budgets might keep an eye on DealMac. A couple of months ago, Verizon was selling a leather iPad case the fits the latest generation for about $4. I got one and it’s well made with a handy magnetic closure. I’ve had no problems with the magnets turning my iPad on and off.