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I have admitted freely to being a book addict. I love my ebook readers and reader apps. I’m also hooked on audiobooks. While all of my iPods have at least a couple of audiobooks available, my iPod nanos feel perfect for audiobooks. I have them set so that a double tap on the main button pauses and restarts the current selection. This comes in handy when I’m listening while shopping and finally make it to the cashier. No fumbling to pause it.

Audiobooks can get expensive. (Don’t ask how I know!) When I started listening to audiobooks a few years ago, I haunted used book sales looking for bargains. Then I added an Audible account. While not paperback cheap, they have frequent sales that bring the cost per book down to paperback range. As an example, I just picked up an unabridged (44 hours worth) copy of Stephen King’s “It” for $7.95.

Your local library may have books on CD that you can check out. It’s a simple matter to have iTunes convert them to MP3 or AAC format, but I prefer Audiobook Builder. Free to try, $9.95 for the full version, and worth every penny. It automatically imports and combines the short segments found on audiobook CDs to longer, more manageable segments. Depending on the book length, I usually set mine to 5 or 6 hour segments. Your library may also have a connection to Overdrive that gives you access to both ebooks and audiobooks. You’ll probably have to get on a waiting list for more popular titles, but the cost — free.

If you look in the iTunes store for audiobooks, you’ll find most titles are in the $20 to $30 range. but if you check the dropdown menu under Books, you’ll see the subheading Audiobooks. Click on that and then skim down almost to the bottom of the page where you will find  “Great Audiobooks $5.95 or Less.”  There is a little of everything from mysteries to self-help titles. Beware of one thing. Included, for some odd reason, are a few paid podcast. Also, a few of the books are the abridged versions. Still, you can find some nice bargains. Check it out, and happy listening.

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