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Ok, I give up. I’ve finally decided to get on Skype, the the popular communication service. So why my change of heart? ¬†Microsoft.

I stayed off of Skype in the past, because in reading the End User License Agreement (EULA – and yes, some people do read them!) it was very clear when Skype first came out that it was not the kind of software I would want to run. Not only did it allow for the software to use as much of your system as it wanted, in effect allowing Skype to make you a server on their network, but it also gave them the right to install anything they wanted, including from third parties, on your system.

As you may know, Microsoft is the current owner of Skype. The Skype EULA still allows Microsoft to use your system as a server, or super node, to facilitate communications between users (not necessarily you). But Microsoft has been setting up many of their own servers to be super nodes rather than rely on users. (It’s difficult to be tapped as a super node anyway, as if you are behind a firewall – and you are, aren’t you? – then you won’t be a super node.)

The EULA no longer says that you have to allow the loading of any software of any kind onto your system. It does say Microsoft canrequire you to update the Skype software. The software may even update itself ¬†automatically. But as long as I know it won’t be downloading who knows what from some third party, that’s OK.

So now I’m willing to give it a try. Sometimes old dogs can learn new tricks.


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