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As more and more friends and colleagues get iDevices…


Direct communication has taken on varied methods: email, text, and still the occassional phone call. My favorite method of communication, with my iPhone and iPad, has become FaceTime. Love it! It’s like living the Jetsons cartoon, video chat in every household. I can see the person who is miles away as we discuss a project.

But with communication comes the proper method and timing.
Sometimes, there just needs to be a simple polite reminder, no face-to-face.
And, of course, there’s an app for that.

I’m working on a project and a few of my team members have iPhones. We text each other at various times to inquire whether a delegated task has been completed. And sometimes, the response is “Oh, I forgot about that one.”

Being the project manager, my goal is to keep the project on point and get tasks completed in a timely manner. I set Reminders for myself all the time. Then I wondered, “Can I remind someone else in the same manner?”  Yes, I can, and I can do it using iCloud and the Reminder app.

The Reminder app is on the iPhone and iPad. Basically a no frills app meant to do one thing, Remind you.

To Share a Reminder List:

  • Log in to your iCloud web account >
  • Go to Calendar >

Your Reminders list will be in the lower left corner, below all of your Calendars entries.
If you don’t already have one there, you can create one from here, or from your iDevice.

  • Select the Share icon to the right of the Reminders List you wish to share >
  • A Share Reminders dialogue box pops up >
  • Enter the email addresses of the desired contacts >
  • Select the privileges for each contact (View & Edit, etc) from the popup menu >
  • Click Share > then OK
  • The Sharing icon will change to the color green to indicate that you are Sharing.
  • Email invitations will be sent to each contact specified.
  • Accepting the invite will populate their iCloud, iCal and Reminders apps.























So, there shouldn’t be a further need for those infrequent text messages to remind someone of the task at hand. The Reminder will be right there on their iDevice.

(I said shouldn’t).


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