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F R I D A Y!



I don’t have to remind you to be good.


Sure there are some that say I look like Santa Claus but really. I don’t know when you are sleeping, I don’t know when you’re awake. But I do know this. Springtime, early summer is time for stormy weather and therefore appropriate backup and prevention measures should be in place. If they are not, now’s the time to do so.


Power Protection

Make sure that at the LEAST you have a good surge suppressor in place for all of your electronic equipment. Make sure you spend an appropriate amount on the suppresor. Bypass the $1.99 special and get a decent one. Now if you can catch a good one on sale. That would be a bonus.


Name brand manufacturers like APC, Emerson, and such are good choice. These are the same people that make UPS units. Make sure it is a surge suppressor and not just a power strip. It will say surge suppressor in the description of the product.

If you can afford it ( and you can ) get a UPS unit for your Mac or other computer and or electronic equipment. A good basic affordable one is made by APC. See this example at Office Depot where I picked up my last one. Affordable protection and it ties in to the Energy Saver preference in Mac OS X to provide you with control.






Ah Ha …… you thought I forgot. Oh No!

Even though I have not been here to nag you. You should still be doing backups on a REGULAR basis. Regular is what is regular for you. Daily, once a week, once a month, once a quarter, what ever time period you can stand to loose your data. or can’t stand it. Why not do that Super Duper clone or Time Machine backup this weekend? Remember, there are only 2 types of computer users. Those who need to back up, and those who wished they backed up. Which one are you?



Musical Selection


Once in a while someone will introduce me to an unusual musical artist. Well at least unusual for me. Jim Crenshaw exposed me to this group. Enjoy.





On The Radio




Tune in this weekend for another episode of the “never ending” “continuing saga” of the Internet Advisor on 760 AM WJR. This weekend is going to be different from all the other weekends that I have been involved in the show. This weekend out of the usual “cast of suspects” both Gary ( founder of the show ) and Foster ( profession radio personality and moderator) will both be out on vacation. That leaves Ed Rudel ( Tech Expert ) and I to run the show. Well I must admit I am really excited because they ( Foster and Gary ) are letting me sit in the BIG CHAIR! Yep I am going to be the moderator for the show this week.

More importantly just tune in for tips and information for all things tech. We will have guest and Q & A for your enjoyment.


C Ya!

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