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iPad + Sports Fan = 🙂


Back in February, I wrote about the WatchESPN app, with WatchESPN When?. This was the only app I’ve ever downloaded on my iPad that was unuseable. For well over a year, the only provider for this app was Bright House. I’ve watch and waited as the app would post updates that would only produce the showing of  shiny high-quality images, or even the latest sporting results. But unless you were a Bright House subscriber, you never could watch ESPN on the WatchESPN app.

Well, finally that has changed. The latest update now makes the app what I was hoping it would be when I first downloaded it so long ago. I can watch sporting programs live, or replay past sporting events. Past being relatively recent. My favorite event, tennis.

I can watch matches while outside of my home Wi-fi network, while on 3G. That means anywhere, anytime. And seeing that the French Open Tennis Championships are being televised starting at 5am, I don’t have to get up that early or set my DVR. When the time is best for me, I can pull out my iPad and smile…

I can only imagine that some sports widows and widowers may have now gotten a little lonlier.



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