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I recently took a trip and decided to set up iCam, a product I’d bought some time ago but could never get to work with my previous router. I’m now using an Airport Extreme, and it works great – no special configuration required.

I set up cameras on Mac that are already around the house (yes, I have Macs set up all over, as answering machines, servers,  or just convenient computers). Some are using built-in iSights and others external iSights. This gives me audio and video into those areas.I also set up motion detection, so it would notify me via push and record any time it saw motion.

It worked great except for one small issue – some cameras are near windows, and as the light changed, they would detect “motion” and send an alert. I tried setting the sensitivity all the way down, but the difference in light is dramatic enough to set it off anyway. So I was getting dozens of notifications during the day. I finally had to turn off push notifications on some of the cameras. They still record events though.

I may also try fiddling with the controls some more before I go off the next time. iCam has “detection zones”, and right now they are set to everything the camera can see. I need to try cutting out some areas where the light hits but people aren’t likely to be to see if that helps.

However, it’s still a good program, and since my only cost was the $4.99 for the universal iPhone/iPad app (I had all the Macs and cameras) I think it’s worth checking out if you are looking for a low cost surveillance solution.


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