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When you have several notifications on your lock screen you can swipe a specific notification so that you unlock your iDevice and ┬áit will jump to that specific App. Just swipe the icon of the App that you want to go straight to while you’re on your lock screen.

Use Siri to create a location specific reminder. Bring up Siri and say something like “Remind me to call my sister when I leave home”. Now when you leave your home the notification to call your sister will popup.


When you buy/download Apps, Music and Books on one device or your computer, you can have those same purchases/downloads automatically download to your iDevice. I love doing this buy buying Apps from my Mac and then have them automatically download and install on both my iPhone and iPad. Just go to the Store settings and enable whichever kinds of media you want to automatically download.


The Emoji keyboard is now built-in to iOS 5. You can enable it on your iDevice by going to Settings->General->Keyboard->International Keyboards and enable the Emoji keyboard. Once enabled you can switch back and forth using the globe icon on your standard keyboard. Also note that these icons don’t always show on non-Apple devices.

One of my favorite iOS 5 features is the ability to create text shortcuts. Just go to your Keyboard settings and create as many shortcuts as you want. For example, when I type “omw” it auto corrects to “On my way!”.

I hope you enjoyed these 5 iOS 5 Tips and Tricks!


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One Response to 5 iOS 5 Tips and Tricks

  1. Tim says:

    Thanks Terry – I didn’t know about the Emoji setting! Always amazes me what there is to discover.