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Total Recall –


Hey Kids and Kiddettes! —-







Golly I really like this day. After putting in a week of work for exchange of pay. I now have the weekend to put in for ….well …


If you ask a good friend of mine, he’ll tell ya that I am not a big Arnold S. fan but the title seemed appropriate for this blog entry.


Now that we have gotten that item out of the way. Let’s get to the meat of the matter.


I have been know to speak a moment or two on the subject of backup and restoration of your data. So let’s just take a moment now.


When I spoke of “Total Recall”, I thought. In the case of backup and restore, my version of total recall would be something known as hard drive cloning. The tools of choice for me has been either “Super Duper” or “Carbon Copy Cloner“. Both programs work great and even better, both programs are free.





The great part about cloning backups are the fast restore ability. I mean in the sense of being able to reboot to the backup drive and be able to get right back to work in case of a disk failure.


As always you’ll want to do 2 cloned backups and store at least on of them securley offsite – away from the computer.


Keeping it short and sweet — but important!


With Total Recall remember what Arnold said in another movie ——- “I’ll be back!”


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