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If you have an iPad, iPhone or iPad touch, you probably have apps that you never use. Either they didn’t work they way you hoped, or you found something better, or you just plain got tired of it. We’ve all downloaded a few freebie apps that are worth exactly what we paid for them. You’ve deleted them from your device, but they’re still there in iTunes, and every so often they want you to download a useless update. Want to get rid of them forever? You’ve come to the right place.

First, some basics. Have you ever looked at your apps in anything but the default view in iTunes? Didn’t know there were other ways?

The default view is the plain old  icon view, grouped by (1) iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, (2) iPad only, and (3) iPhone and iPod touch only. But, if you click on the word Genre, next to Apps, you get them grouped by type.

Notice that this view tells you how many of each type of app you have. If you move the cursor over each genre icon, it will show you each of the apps. Double clicking on a genre icon will give you a list of  everything in that group, including the size of the app.

Sort by name, seller or size. Size, you say? Oh, yes. Some only take a couple of hundred kilobytes of space, but some of them take up several hundred megabytes. If you are getting tight on drive space, getting rid of the things you never use might just help. Use the left and right pointing triangles in the bar above the list to easily move through genres.

Now, on to deleting those apps that have outlived their usefulness. Unfortunately, you have to go back to the default view, Apps. This is a pet peeve. I’d like to be able to delete them when I’m in Genre list view. Maybe in a future update. Hopefully. Are you listening, Apple?

Right-click on the app you want to get rid of and select Delete. You’ll be asked whether you want to just delete it from iTunes or move it to the Trash. If you’ll never want it again, just move it to the Trash. You don’t need it? Get rid of it.

Now, because we’re experiencing another heatwave here in Motown, one of my old favorite summer songs:



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