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One of the utilities I found to be a must have with Mac OS X 10.7 was “Lion Tweaks”. Lion was a radical departure from a lot of features we have grown to know and love in Mac OS X. Although most of what bugged me could be altered using the Terminal, Lion Tweaks made this adjustments single clicks in a nice easy UI. This donationware application made it easy to do things like show your user Library folder or turn off the “local backups” feature that was chewing up lots of my disc space on my MacBook Pro. The developer of Lion Tweaks has released Mountain Tweaks and this App does what Lion Tweaks did for both Mac OS X 10.7 AND 10.8.

He even organizes the Tweaks by OS.

Like I said, there isn’t anything here that you couldn’t do via the Terminal and keying in the right commands.


However, this App makes it EASY and safer and you can either use it for free or make a small donation via PayPal. I gladly donated to keep the developer motivated to keep up the good work.


You can download Mountain Tweaks here.

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One Response to Mountain Tweaks is Here

  1. Kathy Singer says:

    Thanks for sharing this. For those of us who are Terminal terrified, this is terrific.