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When the Lytro lightfield camera began shipping earlier this year, geek that I am, I bought one. Have I used it extensively? No, but as improvements are made to the software, I’m using it more and more. In this day of “I want everything and I want it now” people complained of the limited capabilities. What many failed to recognize was that the software that controls just about everything involved with the camera was a gen one release. The physical camera is limited, for the most part, only by the software.

True to their word, the Lytro software has steadily evolved. Today saw the release of another update to the desktop software and the onboard software. This update adds to the creative controls. ISO and shutter speed settings can now be set and locked in. Some of the results are amazing. Check it out.¬†As time goes on, it will only improve. The crew at Lytro are to be commended. Not only are they steadily improving, their tech support is terrific. Have a question or problem? You’ll get a response from someone within the company almost immediately.


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  1. Really amazing! Thanks for posting. Why don’t you post some of your photos?