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To my surprise, I convinced my employer to issue me an iPhone5. And I have to say, nice as it is, I would not have picked one up myself. The extra screen real estate is nice, and it’s noticeably faster than my 4S. But it’s quite annoying having only one cable that works with it – I need to take that cable with me anywhere I might need to charge the phone. I have additional cables on order, as well as having a couple of the 30-pin adapters on order, but they aren’t due in for weeks yet.

If I had an iPhone 4, I’d consider upgrading. Anything less, and this will be an upgrade like going from PowerPC to Intel (without the pain). Everything is just that bit smoother and faster then the 4S.

The LTE data speeds are fantastic – it’s like having a cable connection. I regularly get 22 Mb/sec down and 6 up, close to my home speeds (this is a Verizon phone). ¬†Of course, that means it will make a blazingly fast bee-line for my data limit in a hurry. It did come in handy, though, when I realized I was missing a state map in Navigon – it came down in less than 2 minutes.

I haven’t had any real problems – I did get confused with the Music app though. With other phones, tapping on the album cover brings up some extra controls, like repeat, shuffle, and shows the song’s progress. On the iPhone 5, they are always on screen, because of the extra space. I kept pecking at the the screen, trying to turn them off!

I haven’t been mis-directed by Maps, but I haven’t used it a lot. It did take me on a couple of odd routes, but nothing that didn’t eventually get me there (and without backtracking). Although here’s some folks with issues with Maps and other aspects of iPhone 5.


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