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Every so often a software bundle comes along that I can’t resist. The latest one is the current bundle at Macbundler, and it will only be available for the next few days. While there are six apps in the current bundle, I bought it for only one. The bundle price is half the cost of the one app that I really wanted. Bargain.

For a long time now, I’ve used Snapz Pro to capture video clips from the web, but Mountain Lion broke it. While it can still capture video and a microphone track, it can’t capture an audio track. I don’t want silent video captures. In addition to video captures, I also download Youtube videos occasionally. In looking around for a replacement, I found Jaksta. It’s simple to use. Tell it to start monitoring, go to the website with the video you want to grab, start the video. That’s it. It will download (super, super fast!), convert it and add it to iTunes, all before the video finishes running. I’ve never found an app that downloads faster. If the video has one of those annoying ads that runs before your video, Jaksta is smart enough to ignore the ad and only grab the video. Download the trial version and give it a whirl. If you like it, grab the bundle while you can for $25.00, half the regular price of Jaksta. One word of warning — if you set Jaksta to automatically add converted audio and video tracks to iTunes and iTunes is set to import added files to the iTunes media folder, you may end up with 3 copies. You will have the downloaded original, the conversion if needed and the copy. Grab enough video files and the extra space adds up. Just like buying from Amazon, you’ll need to clean out the extra files occasionally. They will eat up drive space.

With 8 days to Halloween, it’s only fitting that the MacGroup 5 makes an appearance. There will be a brand new video next week, but I thought I’d bring back one from 2010 this week.


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One Response to Bundles, Bundles Everywhere

  1. Thanks. Jaksta is just what I’ve been looking for. I downloaded the bundle.
    Great JibJab video too.