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More gadgets to add to the Wish List…

Being a fan of technology, I think this is an awesome age to live in. Devices are at our fingertips now that were only imagined or largely cost prohibitive before.

Another item that made it to the holiday Wish List is a light bulb. Don’t laugh. It’s not just any light bulb. Its the Philips Hue Digital Lighting System, which will be sold only in Apple Stores.

The Philips Hue system can be controlled from your iOS device.
You will be able to turn the bulbs on and off, as well as, adjust the color and intensity of the light, even match lighting to a color from any one of the photos found in your Photo Library. All with a free iOS app.

The Personal Wireless Lighting System settings can wake you up in the morning by gradually increasing room lighting; set the room ambiance for evening or that special ocasssion; for home security to turn lights on/of when you aren’t there, and other special purposes.

There are even built in “Light Recipes” that allow you change the lighting for specific needs – to relax, concentrate, energize and read.

The starter pack ($199)  includes three LED bulbs and a Wi-Fi controller. Additional bulbs are $59 each. The system boasts bulbs that use 80% less power and a 15-year lifespan or 15,000 burning hours.

How Does Hue Work?

For more about Philips Personal Wireless Lighting, see HERE



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  1. Really amazing and a great tool for photographers.