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Just a few short odds and ends while I watch the election returns on Tuesday night…



Thanks to those who answered my call last week, where you may recall I was looking for help blurring a small portion of a photo. I didn’t have anything that could blur just a portion of a photo on my iPad – but I do now. I took the suggestion for Skitch, and it worked great. And since it’s free, it appeals to the cheapskate in me.



Because of the devastation from the storm Sandy, many polling places in New Jersey and New York are still not functional. They’ve put up tents in some areas, but New Jersey has decided to allow for voting via fax or email, if you’ve been displaced. And how will they know if you’ve been displaced? And hey, my neighbor looked busy so I wrote a script to vote for him…and some other neighbors…and several million others. I understand hack3rgod53 is the new mayor of Newark with seventy-leventy billion votes…

Email voting? I know it’s been used for soldiers overseas. But comparatively, as a percentage of the electorate, those votes are in most precincts going to be a small percentage. Here, you might have most, if not all, of a precent eligible. How do you make sure that’s done without fraud? Why isn’t there a backup plan in place? This is one of the basic functions of government – running elections! In my business, we have backup plans in place for several different scenarios, including our building being unavailable. Backup plans aren’t just for your data, folks.

Don’t get me wrong – once we have a good way to avoid fraud and make sure everyone’s vote is counted, I’m all for remote electronic voting.But we aren’t there yet. Heck, we can’t even get on-site voting machines to work right (much less protect them from fraud).



I think Siri is getting dumber. When it first came out, I could use it to text my wife via voice by saying “Message to Marsha.” But now when I say that, it says, “I can’t find Marcia in your address book.” Because for some reason, it doesn’t understand that there are two spellings of “Marsha.” But here’s the really crazy part: after saying it can’t find “Marcia” in my address book, it asks me who I want to send a message to, and I replay with, “Marsha.” Siri’s response: it finds her, no problem! So what changes in those couple of seconds?

Siri is supposed to be learning as it gets more requests from us. Are we making Siri dumber?


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  1. Donna says:

    I just looked at the Skitch reviews in iTunes app store as well as the AppStore and version 2 has a lot of negative comments. Do you have version 2?

  2. […] too long ago, I was lamenting about how Siri seemed to be getting worse as the days went by instead of better, as if it were getting less useful the more people interacted […]