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Hey Hey …. It’s that time again.


So Last weekend you set your clocks BACK one hour



And yes it was Saturday and not FRIDAY


But I digress …..

But speaking of BACK. You should be automatically ( on your own schedule ) backing up your Mac. Why not this weekend? Time? you got time. You have an extra hour!


Been a Bit busy


This past week has been dress rehearsal week for Barefoot Production’s presentation of “Driving Miss Daisy”. In case you did not know, Driving Miss Daisy was a broadway play before it was a movie.

Anyway this past Friday was opening night for the 2 weekend run of the play.

So if you feel like doing something completely different the weekend of Nov 16 -18th, check out the play.

Details are here

End of Shameless plug.


Musical Selection

An amazing young girl with an amazing voice!



Have a GREAT week and don’t forget. Backup and backup often.



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