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I have several different email accounts. Work, personal, organizations, businesses, etc. With all of these email accounts there are very few emails that I get that are worth being interrupted for. As a result I’ve always had Mail notifications turned off on my iPhone and iPad. I know people that look at their phones every time a new email comes in and that would drive me crazy! I don’t need to be alerted that Target is having a sale! 🙂 However, there are emails from certain contacts that I would like to see sooner rather than later. Thankfully Apple has finally given us an easy way to do this. Now with VIP Contacts in both iOS 6 and Mountain Lion Mac OS X 10.8 you can designate certain contacts as VIPs and more importantly setup your Notification preferences in iOS 6 to only alert you if the email coming in is from a VIP. I decided to give this new method a shot and it’s been working out great.

How to set it up

The first thing you’ll need to do after upgrading your iOS device(s) and/or your Mac to the latest operating systems is to setup the contacts you want to designate as VIPs. An easy way to do this is on iOS to tap on the contact in an email that you receive. This will take you to the Contact card within Mail and you can tap the “Add to VIP” button. You can do it the same way in Mail on the Mac. Just click the little down arrow to the right of the email address from the sender of the email you received and you’ll see a “Add to VIPs” choice in the menu. Once you have all your VIPs added, you can then proceed to your Notification preferences.

On the iPhone launch the Settings App then tap Notifications. Find “Mail” in the list and tap on it. Scroll to the bottom of your email accounts tap VIP.  Tap at the top to turn it ON in the Notification Center and set the rest of your preferences including an optional sound that you want  to hear when you receive an email from a VIP. You can use any of your ringtones, text tones, etc.

This works out great for me because I’m notified audibly of potentially important incoming emails and that means that I don’t have to check my email as often as I used to.

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