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Long story short, I’ve been down with back spasms for the last few days. Sitting at my desk has not been an option. My back and desk chair are not getting along. My back has however been very happy to develop a relationship with my bed. The new iPad mini has seen more use than I thought possible.

When I can’t move around a lot I read. Now, I do have a Kindle touch. I bought it when I developed eye strain from reading too much on my original iPad. I’m not having that problem with the mini. I won’t complain.

TV? Don’t have one in my bedroom, but I do have a Pinnacle TV tuner attached to my iMac. Using the Eye TV app, it will stream the local channels to my iPad or even iPod touch. Cable channels? As the ads say, there’s an app for that, too. We happen to have Bright House for our provider, and their app works very nicely. Not sure why their contracts with the local channels won’t allow them to stream that content, but with my little tuner, it doesn’t matter. They are allowed to stream premium channels like HBO and SHO.

Business stuff? Well, that’s where the MacBook Air fits in. While I can produce necessary business documents on the iPad (hey, I’m composing this in Pages), all of my needed boilerplate text resides in a Mac-only app. I had to do some billings for my husband’s business, and thanks to my Airprint-enabled HP Laserjet, I composed them on the Air, then printed them without making the trip into my office. Yes, I’m spoiled. I still have an ad layout to put together for a group I belong to, but I need InDesign for that, and that too is on the Air. There is much to be said for portability.

So, while my back mends, mini and Air are my new best friends. They even helped find the answers to a nasty drug reaction I had in the hospital ER on Sunday. Can’t wait for that treatment follow up letter that always asks how things went.

That’s it for this week. Time to copy this document and paste it into WordPress. Yep, there’s an app for that.

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One Response to The Further Adventures of mini and Air

  1. Interesting article. Hope your back continues to improve.