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It’s Saturday……


The day after …..F R I D A Y!



Well the Black Friday thing I have never been a participant in from a brick and mortar level. I have pretty much restricted myself to the web and did it online. Easy peasy and lot less hassle.

But this year I decided to take a shot at doing it different. Only because of Rick Broida, the “Gadget Guy” and CNET Cheapskate.

You see he did a write up on a TV that he was reviewing. A 60 inch Visio brand LED TV. Now this is the size I had been saving for to treat my family home with. There is a place above the fireplace where I was going to put a 50 inch but, one of my friends said quote “you could put a 60 inch in this space”. Now he said that in front of the Ms. and I naturally thought she might “poo poo” the idea. To my surprise she said, “you know that looks like a good idea”, so I had to do some more saving.

A TV that size usually runs in the $1100.00 range. So there was going to be some more saving time but no rush… not ready for it anyway.

However …… If I come across a buy….. I will check the saving level and escalate the purchase if possible.

Henceforth …. Mr Broida.

He discovered that Walmart was going to sell this TV on Black Friday for $688.00. This TV sells around the web for about $975.00. So to save about $250.00 I was in like Flynn.

So I went to the website for Walmart on Wednesday…. Gone …..none to be found. No big deal, I figure there will be other deals.

Later that day the Ms. is looking at the sale papers and she said “look, Walmart has that TV on sale on Thursday at 10:00 P.M”


Now I am thinking these things:


1) I will have to be downtown to work the Thanksgiving Parade at 4:30 AM on Thanksgiving after 3 hours of sleep.

2) After which we are hosting the family Thanksgiving dinner late afternoon/evening so I will have folks and family over at the house till late that evening. Leaving to go shopping seems a little radical if not perhaps slightly impolite.

3) Come on retail America! Do we really have to be open on Thanksgiving? How about allowing the retail workers some time to celebrate the holiday with family and friends and give thanks? What a concept. We could call it Thanksgiving! Black Friday is not enough time. Heck its over 30 more days before the gift giving holiday. We really need to get all the money this weekend? Perhaps we need to turn down the “Greed Meter” a skosh?

So I decide for once… to take the trip to brick and mortarville and see if I can score a TV at Walmart. Leaving the warmth of family and the great smells and tastes of the holiday to fetch a TV. But not just any TV…. a 60 Inch monster!


Not being a veteran brick and mortar black friday shopper, he is my flimsy plan.


1) Sale starts at 10:00 PM, I will be there at 8:00 PM – Already plan shot to hell, should have been there at 6:30 PM

2) Arrive at store, lot darn near full but I score a space not too far from door. – Good

3) Go into store to electronics. Figure something is up cause there is no line in electronics. After inquiring a ragged store associate I was instructed to go to aisle 11 in grocery. Grocery for electronics? Oh well might as well walk over.

4) Get to Aisle 11, line is about 45 people long. There is 2 associate working this project. One is holding a bag, the other “directing and concierge” for traffic in aisle 11. He says to me, ” what are you here for?, I say, “for the relish and a 60 inch LED TV” he says the “relish is in aisle 6, and we only have 17 60 inch TV’s and 45 people in line. We will be handing out tickets in order to the first 17 people.” I say “what happens when you get to person 18?”. He says we told that person an the ones behind them we only had 17. I guess they are here on a hope and prayer”. I thought, that is about it when I looked at some of the first 17 and decided that a few of them were not going to clear with their credit cards and I would offer them $5.00 for their ticket at the cash register and then make that purchase. What the hey, I was there, what do I have to lose.

Now the next aisle ( 12 ) had tickets for 51 inch Plasma TV’s. There were 20 to be bought and only 3 people in line. I went there and got a ticket. Not because I wanted one, but in case the 60 in line number 18 and up were looking for an alternative at $488.00, I would have one for “barter”.

While waiting for the 10:00 PM sale time for the electronics, I noticed electronics piled on the floor of the main aisle with Walmart associates kinda guarding them and lots and lots and lots of shoppers hovering around them. Nintendo’s, Surround sound systems, and other electronics. It felt a little weird and folks were like hungry jackals just waiting. I sensed that this could get “butt ugly” so I spaced myself from the crowd as best as I could.

5) 10:00 PM – Now the Walmart employee started passing out the 60 inch tickets to the people in aisle 11. It was going pretty smooth at least up to the 3rd person when all hell broke loose in the center aisle. People were diving, snatching for and from others, the electronics that were piled on the floor. Some of these piles only had 10 or 15 items with 50 to 60 people going for them. There was Walmart associates “attempting not to keep order” but pretty much trying to get the “hell out of the way”. As the piles disappeared, and the people dissipated the Livonia police officer ( 1 ) showed up …. I don’t know….. to restore calm….. fat chance.

I then looked at my ticket for the 51 inch. Put it in my pocket, and got the hell outta Dodge! It was like some one had dropped meat in a school of piranhas. It was time for me to leave. They just have not made anything that will make me do that type of activity.


“What have you learned Dorothy?” – Scarecrow asks in Wizard of Oz>


I am pretty much done with brick and mortar black friday. I will be sticking to the internet where the Fed Ex or UPS guy delivers and I don’t have to fight anything but the keyboard to order and purchase a product.


So, what is the message in all this?


BACKUP – Backup from this madness and go another way. This really is not worth it…. ever!


 Now for the important message


Speaking of BACKUP. Don’t forget to do your periodic backup. If you don’t have a periodic backup schedule, start one today.


Oooh Ohhh, a black friday deal you can survive without getting trampled.


CRASHPLAN – Has a great BLACK Friday deal. If you go to their website, you can get one year of Crash Plan, the internet backup, at a great price. They started for free on Friday and then they have slowly incremented the price every 2 hours. Go check it out for a 1 year subscription for new subscribers. They offer a deal on single and family plans.


For your entertainment

Yes some entertainment but yet something to consider as well.



Have a GREAT weekend!




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One Response to Knowing when to Backup ………

  1. Yvonne says:

    Umm as a Walmart employee I was a cashier in that Thanksgiving madness. Which store were you at by the way? Anyway I can tell ya those tickets are a joke all they are is you get a gift card that they claim you will have the tv by Christmas. Hmm I am thinking it wont happen. So to you and anyone else wanting a tv I agree go ONLINE and avoid the Walmart stores on weekends and on Black Fridays/Thursdays.