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A good friend of mine sent me an iMessage basically showing that he had run out of space on his MacBook Pro’s 250GB internal drive. He had also been constantly complaining that his computer was running “slow”. Obviously it was time for more hard drive space, but it was alos time to look at a RAM upgrade too since he does lots of Photoshop, Lightroom and InDesign CS6. As I suspected he only had 4GB of RAM. I sent him to Other World Computing’s (OWC) website and had him order their 750GB 7200RPM DIY Hard Drive bundle. This would not only include the new larger, faster hard drive, but it also includes the tools and an external case to put the old drive in. Since the MacBook Pro was already going to be opened up for the hard drive upgrade, I figured we could put a RAM upgrade in too. I did a quick search with the MacTracker App on my iPhone and saw that his mid 2012 MacBook Pro could handle up to 8GB of RAM.

The installation went without a hitch. I used SuperDuper! to clone his old drive onto the new one and he hasn’t stopped raving about how much faster everything is. While I love a new Mac as much as the next person, you can usually extend the life of an existing one a bit longer by putting some newer components in. OWC made it easy!

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2 Responses to OWC Do-It-Yourself Hard Drive Upgrade Bundle

  1. Cedric White says:

    Hello Terry,

    This blog came just in time as I want to upgrade my MacBook. I have two questions:
    1) What benefit does SuperDuper! give over Time Machine and is it really worth the additional cost?
    2) Can I repurpose the old internal hard drive after it is removed?

    • Terry White says:

      1) IMHO yes it’s worth it as it does it faster in my experience. Also in order to use a TM backup you’d have to have another source to boot from such as a DVD or 3rd hard drive. With SuperDuper! I’m able to boot from the old drive and clone directly to the new one. Lastly you can use SuperDuper! in this way for FREE. They allow full clones without paying. I pay for it to get the Smart Update feature.
      2) Yes, that’s why OWC includes the external case with the kit.