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I just finished watching season three of Boardwalk Empire via HBO GO on my Xbox 360. HBO GO is the mobile and set-top box Application for HBO subscribers that want to watch HBO shows on something other than a cable/satellite┬ábox. It’s now available on everything from iPhone, iPad, Xbox 360, Google TV (which I can NEVER get it to work there), to Roku boxes. The only device that seems to be missing is Apple TV. Apple already has a relationship with HBO as some of their content is available for purchase on iTunes. Apple TV also has Netflix and Hulu built-in so why not HBO GO? It would have been nice to watch Boardwalk Empire in rooms where I have an Apple TV, but don’t have a cable box. Hopefully we’ll see it by the next season!

While we’re talking about wishes, it would also be nice to see a native Slingplayer App on Apple TV. That would also solve a lot of content issues for me.

Also it seems that HBO is leaving money on the table by only making HBO GO available to those that subscribe to HBO via a regular cable or satellite provider. It seems that they could do the Hulu/Netflix model of offering “HBO GO Subscriptions” or the iTunes model of a buy individual shows/seasons.

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