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In our family, we always make out Christmas lists around Thanksgiving – it keeps people from going through a lot of trouble to get you a purple, left-handed widget when it turns out you’ve already got one. So this year, when I started making my list, I fell back on many of the same sources I have used in the past – books, movies and TV shows (although that’s changed over the years from Beta to VHS and now DVD and BluRay), and software. But that’s where I ran into a snag.

It’s getting nearly impossible these days to get software other than via download, at least what I was looking for. I was checking out games mostly, as it seems I have pretty much all the application software I need as well as utilities. Even my  copy of Creative Suite 6 came as a download and not on disks. So it’s difficult to ask for software anymore, as it’s not easy for my family to gift it to me (most don’t have computers – yes, it’s true – much less Macs).

That of course leaves gift cards, which are available for places like Steam, from Amazon, But other places want you to sign-on, get an account, and gift a game. Since most of the people in my family aren’t likely to do that – even the ones that have computers – that I just didn’t bother this year, for the first time ever. Also, I just don’t feel right asking for gift cards. That’s not to say I’m not appreciative when I do get them; I just feel funny asking for some reason. It feels to much like  asking for cash to me, I guess.

I’m sure there are a few games here and there on disk still worth getting, but I didn’t find any I was interested in. I’m just wondering when this will be true for video as well.  After all, Apple isn’t exactly encouraging you to buy disks, with optical drives being omitted from most Macs these days. Personally, I find the prices at the iTunes Store and Amazon for TV shows to be a bit high – I usually want a whole season, and I can get a better deal on DVD or BluRay than I can with downloadable media. In the case of BluRay, it’s most likely going to be a better picture, because the video doesn’t need to be compressed up as much as it does for transfer over the net.

Yes, I hear you out there, expecting my next line to be “Get off my lawn!”


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