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My daily work computer has been my MacBook Pro Retina Display for a while. Recently I even sold my Mac Pro desktop. For what I do day to day, the latest MacBook Pro with 16GBs of RAM offers me enough speed to not really need a dedicated desktop Mac anymore.


I also recently got a Wacom Cintiq 24HD Display/Tablet. It serves not only as my graphics tablet, but also my main display when I’m at my desk. I actually prefer to use it as a single display instead of multiple displays/desktops. Therefore I run the MacBook Pro lid closed. With my MacBook closed, I really don’t need it taking up any room on my desk.


MacBook Pro Retina Display with a Custom Gelaskin Standing Up

 Twelve South BookArc Desktop Stand for Your MacBook Pro

I began searching for a stand to stand my MacBook Pro up vertically. I wanted the option of standing it up on my desk or the floor. I found the Twelve South BookArc to be the one that I was looking for. I liked the design of it as well as the versatility of holding either a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. It comes with two inserts so that you can stand up a thicker or thiner MacBook Pro/Air. The design allows for access to the ports on the sides as well as not blocking any of the vents for air flow.

You can get one here for about $49.99


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3 Responses to Stand Your MacBook Pro Up!

  1. Steven Klein says:

    Terry, did you consider the Henge Dock?

    Here’s a video demo:

    • Terry White says:

      Yes and no. Not really a fan of docks that have plugs/ports as they only work with specific MacBook Pro models and to that end I don’t see one for the MBP Retina Display. I’d rater spend $50 for one that works with any MB as opposed to $59 for one that only works with a specific model. As you know I upgrade regularly.

  2. Jack Lam says:

    There are some inconveniences when we using MacBook. Such as the problems of limitation of SSD capacity, shortage of expansion port, absence of Wired LAN port, expensive price of exclusive SSD even though the SSD Upgrade is provided and unreasonable prices of peripheral devices.

    I knew one product called Plusdock which can not only provide high-capacity STORAGE, Wired LAN, additional USB ports and high-quality DAC for the expansion port, but also with extra 10000mah Li-ion battery power in one single product for Mac Book.

    Here is the link in Kickstarter.

    How do you think about that?