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Like many folks, I received an iTunes gift card for Christmas. It’s one of the new ones, with the box around the code. In case you didn’t know, one of the new features of iTunes 11 is the ability to redeem these new cards by simply holding them up to your FaceTime camera. Sounds like a great idea to me, because I am constantly mistyping those long codes (and then having to find which character or characters I’ve screwed up). Between not having the greatest vision and my clumsy typing, sometimes it takes several tries for me to get one of these cards redeemed. (Note that using the camera doesn’t work in every country.)

So imagine my surprise when I fired up iTunes, clicked on “redeem” on the store home page, and didn’t see any way to use my camera. My screen didn’t look like the one in the knowledge base article above; all I had was the box to type into and the “Redeem” button.

Reloading iTunes a few times didn’t help. Then I realized that I had Delicious Library 2 running as I had just entered a couple of DVDs from Christmas into my library, using the built-in scanning. I closed down DL2, restarted iTunes and…no change.

So I started searching “teh Google” but it took a while to find someone else with my problem. Apparently, by having iGlasses installed, I was confusing iTunes. I like using iGlasses – it’s great for giving you some fine control over your camera – but apparently uninstalling it was the cure for others.

I ran the uninstaller, restarted iTunes – and was rewarded with the Redeem screen from the knowledge base article. Unfortunately, after reading the code, I was told it was not valid. It was easy to see why, though – it started with an “X” that was extremely faded – I must have rubbed that portion a bit too hard. The code presented in the box began with a “Y.” Fortunately, it’s easy to click in the box and change any of the characters, so I was able to fix it.

The moral of the story? Go easy on the scraping, and don’t have any third-party extensions hooked into your camera if you want to redeem these cards.


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One Response to You Won’t See Me

  1. Simpleton says:

    …sigh, sometimes the more technology you use the more complicated things get.