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The iPhone has been around since 2007. It’s funny to think back that far to the original iPhone. I went back and checked a blog post that I wrote in 2007 listing the 50 (wow 50) things that I wanted in a Software update. It was called 50 Ways To Make the iPhone Better. With each new iPhone model and subsequent iOS update Apple has chipped away at my list. They’ve knocked off so many things that I stopped updating it around iOS 4. However, that doesn’t mean that they’ve made the perfect device or OS. There are still things missing and things I’d like to see. So rather than 50 things (not sure I could even come up with that many anymore), here are 7 things that I’d like to see in iOS 7.

  • Address Book (Contacts) Groups – Apple touts iOS as “PC Free” meaning that now out of the box you can setup an iOS device without having to plug it into a computer. However, there are still things that can only be done on a computer and if you don’t have  a Mac or PC (yes there are people out there that only have a smartphone or tablet), then you just miss out on these features. Contact Groups is one of them. I’m stunned that there still isn’t a way to make new groups on your iPhone and organize your contacts into them. You can create playlists and even photo albums, but iOS Groups are still missing in action. If you want groups you have to build them on your computer and sync.
  • Group Ringtones – This is a long standing request of mine that ties into the 1st request. We can assign ringtones to individuals and it’s a tedious process (it actually used to be easier two OS’s ago). But, when it comes to assigning the same Ringtone to a group of contacts you’re out of luck. I remember being able to do this on my Treo 650.
  • Spam Filtering – Surprising that Apple hasn’t built a Spam filter into Mail seeing that the desktop version has one and has had it for years.
  • Choose your Browser – Safari is cool, but I prefer Google Chrome. While I can launch Chrome whenever I want, I can’t set it as my default browser so that other Apps launch it instead of Safari when needing to browse the web.
  • Mail Rules – It would be great if iOS Mail could use the same or similar Rules that Mail on Mac OS has. I’d like mail to be automatically filed in folders on my iOS devices just like it does on my Mac.
  • Better Photo Album Support – I believe it was in iOS 5 we got the ability to create albums in the Photos App. However, this feature is not well implemented at all. First of all you can’t touch/edit the Albums that you sync over from your Mac/PC. Again, you can edit playlists that come over from your computer, why not Albums? Secondly if you create an Album on your iOS device and put photos into and then delete those photos from the Camera Roll they are deleted from the Albums too. So I guess what I’m asking for are “true photo albums” on iOS. Same functionality as the desktop version.
  • Auto Software/App Updates – While I recognize the security risks and people’s preferences to be able to install only the updates they want when they want, I’d like to see an “auto update” preference. Instead of telling me I have 5 app updates and a system update waiting, just install them. Perhaps a feature that lets you “revert” if you don’t like the most recent update.

As iOS continues to evolve, it’s really hard to come up with a long list of things I’d like to see added. There are things I’d like to see fixed or improved. Like the fact that in iOS 6 the App Store Updates feature seems broken. Many times it doesn’t see updates that I know are available or it shows me a badge but when I go to check for updates it says there are none. It needs a refresh feature. Until they fix Apple Maps, an update that lets you choose your own default mapping App would also be nice. I could go on and on, but you get the point that iOS 6 is pretty complete. I can nit pick, but it has most of what I want.

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