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I’ve mentioned before that I’m an avid reader. I always have multiple books going. Which one I go to depends on my mood of the moment. I generally have the same ebook up on my Kindle as I do on my iPad mini in the Kindle app, but audiobooks are a different matter. My iPod nanos ((yes, all 3 of them) each have a different book is progress. Ditto my pair of iPod touches. On the touches, the Audible app is my preferred method of listening. I can download a book directly from my Audible library without going through an iTunes sync. It also has better controls than built-in Music app. Speed can be adjusted by 0.75x all the way up to 3x. Music allows adjustments of either .5x or 2x. Additionally, the Audible app lets you add bookmarks, something I haven’t seen in any other app. (If I’ve missed one, I’m sure someone will point it out.) The Audible app also has a sleep timer. Yes, I use it. I generally set it for 15 minutes if I’m listening while sprawled out somewhere relaxing. It’s easier to go back and pick up where I was when I fell asleep.

Audible recently optimized the app for the iPad and redesigned it for the iPhone/iPod touch. It’s nice. It’s easy to navigate. Oh, and did I mention that it handles all audiobooks? Even those not purchased from Audible? Yep. If you can add it to the iTunes library, the Audible app will play it. And let you bookmark it. This latest version does have one problem, but it’s a biggie. If I’m listening to something from the iTunes library, stop it, use something else then go back, I have to physically quit the app and relaunch it to start listening again. Since this bug only came along with the last update, I’m sure it will be fixed fast. In the meantime, I can live with it for all of the other advantages.




Good wishes to all for Passover and Easter. Here’s the MacGroup 5 from a couple of years ago.


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2 Responses to Audible iApp

  1. Donna says:

    I’m stymied. I downloaded the app to my iPod Touch. I downloaded a book from Audible and can see it and play it. I downloaded the same book to my computer. It plays in iTunes when double clicked. I downloaded the same Audible book to my Kindle Keyboard. It plays fine. There seems to be no synchronization; i.e. remembering where I left off listening when I switch devices. Also, you mentioned that the Audible app on the iPod Touch could play books in iTunes. All the books on CD that are in my i
    Tunes are in Music and are “Spoken & Audio” rather than audiobook. I don’t see how to play them, or even “see” them using the Audible app on my iPod Touch. Is that because of their genre? Or am I missing something?

    • Phyllis Evans says:

      It syncs only through the app. While the Kindle Keyboard will play audiobooks, it doesn’t, to my knowledge, sync them like ebooks. As to the iTunes audiobooks, you probably need to select them, go to “get info > Options” and change the media kind to Audiobook. As long as the media kind is set to Audiobook, a refresh of the Audible app should let you see them. I’ve run into this with imported books. That’s why I use Audiobook Builder to rip from CD.