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For some time now, I’ve been looking for a good dock for my iPhone 5. For whatever reason, Apple doesn’t make one. I tried out a third-party stand that I found on Amazon – it looked like the old 30-pin stand but with the new Lightning connector. Unfortunately, it was so tight that I really had to push to get the phone on and pull hard to take it off. I was worried about damaging the phone (or breaking the connector off inside), so I sent it back.

I really loved having a dock for the iPhone 4S. It’s just too easy to grab the phone and go. But I’ve been fumbling with the iPhone 5 , having to lay it down on the nightstand and constantly laying something on the cable when I unhook the phone to keep the cable from dropping to the floor.

Belkin had one out early on, but I wasn’t thrilled with the execution. It’s basically a metal stand that you loop through your own Lightning cable. It does have an audio jack on it though. Yippie. When I’m home with the stand I have better sources of music to use. Still, for $5 or so I’d have bought it. But $30? Nope.

But more recently Belkin has come out with one that I am happier with. This dock has a lightning connector and a 4′ cable built in (but no audio jack – fine by me!). It’s still pricey – $40 list – but at least it does work. It’s pretty much the earlier stand done right.

One of the challenges with an iPhone 5 dock is the tiny connector and the larger phone. It makes it hard to create a dock like the one for the iPhone 4. That’s probably why the one I bought before was so tight – to keep the phone from falling over (and snapping off that connector inside – ugh!).

Belkin’s answer is to make a stand with a back. It goes up maybe a quarter of the way to support the phone. It’s pretty sturdy and has worked well for me for a couple of weeks now. You can find it a bit cheaper online – but considering the Lighting cable alone is $20, I guess it’s not too expensive.


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