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I really like having Passbook on my iPhone 5. It’s great to have location aware passes that show up when I’m at the airport, at the movies or in one of my favorite stores. Most of the business I deal with regularly have adopted Passbook where it makes sense. I get my Delta boarding passes in Passbook. My Starbucks card is in Passbook. One of the cards that I wished were in Passbook was my CVS card. Sure I have the CVS App and I have CardStar to bring it up when ever I’m in a CVS store, but it would be nice to have it in Passbook. Although Walgreens was one of the 1st to adopt Passbook, CVS still hasn’t for some reason. There is a way. You can go to and create your own Passbook passes. They’ve even got a template for CVS. Once you sign up for a free account on the site it walks you through the process of creating a Passbook Pass. There are templates on the site that you can customize. I figured the site would let me enter my CVS card number and create a Pass that I could load into Passbook. However, I was even more impressed when it let me create locations that would allow the pass to automatically be displayed on the lock screen of my iPhone. That was definitely an unexpected plus.



How does it work?

Like I said, the site walks you through creating your pass. Once you’ve got it customized to your liking you Publish it. You can either scan the screen with a QR code to load it onto your iPhone or email it to yourself. Either way once you receive it you will be given the option to add it to Passbook. I created my CVS card but there was a problem. The 1st problem was that that it never showed up on my lock screen when I got near my CVS store. The next problem was that even when I brought it up manually in Passbook at the register it wouldn’t scan. I ended up using the one that I created in CardStar. Upon closer examination it looked like both the CVS App and CardStar display a standard barcode. However, the Passbook version used what appeared to be a 2D barcode and CVS doesn’t support 2D barcodes and unfortunately nor does Kroger.


When I got back to my desk I took a screen shot of the one in the CVS app. Then I edited my Passbook pass on the website and simply used the screenshot cropped to just the barcode as the banner on the Passbook pass replacing the CVS artwork. That should fix the scanning issue, but I’m still curious as to why the geo location stuff didn’t work. I’ll have to play with it some more. However, at least for now I do have my CVS card in Passbook thanks to Another site that lets you create Passbook Passes is

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