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Suppose you went into a store, and none of the merchandise was priced – no tags, no stickers, no shelf signs – nothing. You ask one of the clerks, who tells you if you give up your name and email address, he’ll give you a pair of glasses that will show you the hidden prices on everything.

You’d probably walk out, right? There are too many merchants around to have to ID yourself just to get a price. Yet, over the past couple of weeks, I’ve run into several sites, in completely different industries (serives and products), who are doing pretty much the same thing.

I’m not talking about large purchases, either. Things like monthly web hosting (where I was required to create an account to ask a *pre-sales* question) to buying checks, where if you don’t sign in, we won’t show you our prices.

Those merchants are certainly welcome to run their online stores that way. But I’ll be shopping elsewhere, thank you very much – you have waaaaaaay too much competition for me to put up with that sort of monkey business.

What makes a company think I want to get on *yet another* spam list? I toss out plenty of email now, I don’t need more of it just to look inside your store.


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One Response to Too Much Monkey Business

  1. Brian Stone says:

    I have not seen this foolishness yet but I am 100% with you. I guess they only want to deal with the people that are foolish enough to go along with them.